Things done, things not doing, things to read

Part of this is a copy from my social blog as it also fits here, parts of it are original to this entry.

1) Apartment is still not decorated but it is getting more and more organized.  I know, you are thinking, “still??” but yes.  It’s on-going.

2) I’ve been spending huge amounts of time on the clips and photo stuff… shooting, editing, uploading, making ads, finding places to advertise, networking.  I go through periods where my health in some ways gets a huge upswing and I make the most of it while I can.  This is one of those periods and I’m trying to be super productive during it before I have a downswing again.

3) Went to MAsT Conference for 4 days and split a room with Grant and Grace.  The event isn’t one I’m likely to ever go to again… Between being assumed and/or treated like I wasn’t a master/dominant (a good many times openly rudely, but mostly subtle and not meant to offend), the classes either not giving me a whole lot of use and some being quite frustrating, and a lot of sheer boredom factor and it’s just not for me.  I’m not leather and that is what it really is geared towards… and M/f for sure.  I think there were only a handful of female dominants there that weren’t clearly leather and/or very masculine in presentation (regardless of gender/personhood)… I for sure was the only one not dressed in leather, probably assumed femme, had my hair in pigtails at least once I think, and wasn’t Serious Business in my manner when meeting folks.

I totally can appreciate what this event was geared towards and that it was on me that I was at something where I did not fit at.  While I take my relationships very seriously, I don’t take being A Master In Front Of Others very seriously.  I’m a “well, I’m today in purple pigtails, am packing, and running around in flipflops” sort.

I got mistaken as Grant’s property a couple of times.  For all three of us (Grant, Grace, and I) it was humorous and awkward.

On the upside I met some really nice folks from other towns and from here in NYC, so that’s great.  I ran into some old friends.  I did get a few tidbits from some of the classes I went to.  And, of course, Delta time.  We didn’t just go to MAsT, Deltas in the area converged on The Crucible Saturday night and had a nice get-together.

I also got some fun (external) sexings.

4)  Did a bunch of shots in Inwood park with a photog who contacted me on ModelMayhem.  He was really pleasant to shoot with, had fun theme ideas, and the previews on his cam of the shots he got look really nice.  He says it’ll take 3 weeks or so before he sends me the pictures.

That was the copied part, here is the fresh:

I’m not actively seeking a new relationship right now, but I am passively as that’s always the case.  If the right sub(s)/slave(s) fell into my lap and all turned out happy, I’d welcome it.  I guess I’d phrase it as I’m “open but not hunting”.

So far the meetings and writings with potentials have not worked out.  Some, as I’ve mentioned a bit in the past, were lovely folks but we didn’t fit.  Some have been those really creepy or rude sorts.

And then there are the endless stream of “I want to be your oral slave, I’ll do anything you want, I’ll lick your pussy for hours” sorts.

Being allowed access to my genitals is not you giving me service.  It’s *you* being lucky.

And “for hours”?  Ew.  I’d likely both be bored *and* chaffed.

I wrote another article for  This one is on vulvodynia and like my last post I suggest anyone who is or who is partnered with a female to read it… and if it applies to either or one of you, to go read more (no, while I write mostly about F/m here, this blog is about any form of female led relationship and includes F/f).

I’ve sold off most of my animal-based BDSM toys and will be making an effort to sell off the rest.  I’ve only about 4 or 5 things left.

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