Vids, Subs, Bras

So,  as you may have guessed or you may know by checking my last post out, I am back to uploading video clips to a few sites.  Been having fun making them and I love doing the editing and filing of them on my computer.  It hits my organization buttons.  Am doing all kinds of stuff but a frickin’ ton of peeing videos.

Now, in real-life I do, indeed, enjoy pee play… but not to the extent that my video counts probably make it seem haha.  For those that don’t know, I am on doctor’s orders to drink a minimum of 80oz of water a day.  This, unsurprisingly, gives me a lot of opportunity for footage!

I’ve also become a member of and contributor to the site.

On the sub/slave/servant part of life I’m talking to folks online still.  None of have worked out so far.  I’ve met a couple in person and I didn’t really clique with either despite them being lovely people.  I’ve talked with many online who I wasn’t at all compatible with but also a few where there’s some hope.  I’m not in any rush to find someone as I’m very, very touchy about who comes into my home and life, but as I’ve said I’m open to the right thing falling into my lap.  And nice folks are always a plus in life, even if the time talking to them is short.

I finally got the guts up to go get a proper bra fitting again.  Went down to Linda’s Murray Hill location and got handled and tried on about 6 or 7 bras.  Found two that will work great.  Nothing sexy right now, just functional ones… a nude tone one that fits really well as-is, and a black plunge style that they have to have altered for me because of my bra size being so odd.  That’s being shipped to me once it’s made to fit right.

My rib cage measurement went down to a 30-32 bra band (from a 38) but my breasts also shrunk due to the weightloss… Happily, in proportion to the rib measurement.  I’ve stayed a G-HH cup depending on the bra.  Oh, and my bust measurement is larger than my hip measurement so I’m officially top-heavy nowadays.  42-31-40.

What does all of this bra stuff have to do with Female Led Relationships you might ask!  Well, the answer is I’m female and the matter of fitting bras is an important one for us, especially the larger breasted.  It effects our daily comfort and our appearance.

Whether a romantic, sexual or non-sexual partner to a dominant female it will be part of your life at some point.  Helping put them on, learning to clean them and put them away properly (yes, they should get special methods of these to make them last longer), hearing her talk about them, going shopping for them with her, perhaps buying them for her, seeing her in them dressed and undressed, all sorts of possibilities.

So especially for the service-oriented here are some basics to help with bra management for your female dom:

When properly fitting the band should be snug so that it does not ride up in back, the bit between the breasts in front lays directly against the skin, and the weight of the breasts is supported by the band and *not* on the straps.  If her straps are digging in or her back is hurting from her breast weight she needs a new bra(s).

The cups, even push-up and demi-cups should not have bulging or spilling out of the breast tissue.  There shouldn’t be any of what is so lovingly referred to as “quadriboob”.  Even a push-up style that is made to lift and form great cleavage shouldn’t cause this.  They should make a smooth rounded shape to the raised breasts where they push out above the cup line.  In cups other than push-up, the entire mass of breast tissue should be within them… the side tissue near the armpits, the inner tissue towards the middle of the chest should be within them.  If any of this squishes out or won’t fit, larger cups are needed.  If the cups wrinkle or have space in them that isn’t filled with breast then smaller cups are needed.

Now to the straps.  As mentioned above, a properly fitting bra does *not* put a large amount of pressure on the straps.  The straps are not meant to support the weight of the breasts.  They are to hold up the bra cup material against the breasts smoothly and help in the shaping the cups give.  Again, if her straps are digging in or her back is hurting then she needs a different bra.

Bra care:  Lots of us have or are guilty of just throwing them in the washing machine.  This is fine for a $15 Walmart bra as they don’t cost much and aren’t expected to live very long anyhow.  But when we get into fancier bras and bras that start to cost over $50 (some bras – just regular bras, not latex or any such – can run up to $180) we want them to be treated gently so those suckers last til the end of time… or as close as reality will allow.

This usually comes down to hand-washing them.  Surely we’ve all hand-washed some article of clothing at some point in our lives.  Use gentle soap while you do it and then set them out flat to dry.  If you must hang them, it’s best to hang them from the sternum point or from both straps on a hanger.  Don’t put them up by one strap or from the back hook area – these will cause premature stretching after a while.

Storage:  Best if on hangers by both straps.  Non-molded cups can be folded and put in the dresser.  Molded cups can be folded but you should never turn one of the cups inside-out so as to fit it into the other one when folded.  This can misshape the cup in one go or over time.

Hopefullythat helps with some basics on bras for those who are helpful in dressing or specifically assigned laundry duties.

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