Kisses and Jokes

He took me shopping again.  This time only for a few items, but it made me all smile.

We went to the store and were grabbing things for D&D, post-its and binders and whatnot, and were heading toward the cashiers… we walked near the beauty aisles.  I stopped and pointed and said, “I want to go THERE!”.  So we did.


I’d no intention of getting anything… yeah, I know just how realistic that is haha.

It started with me finding a lipstick color I didn’t have.  Then I found a brush of the type I’d been trying to find.  Then, while I was doing that Chael comes up to me and shows me something:  a purple eyeshadow with purple glitter in it.  I say, “ooooooo”.  He asks, “do you want it?”.  I respond, “YES!”.

And for the next few minutes he keeps coming up to me with different eyeshadows asking me what I thought of them and if I wanted them.  I got curious what he was looking at and getting all these from and go over to him.  Low and behold there is glitter stuff galore.

Chael ended up getting me glittery eyeshadows, glittery mascara, glittery eyeliner, the hairbrush, and some lipsticks.

I really don’t need more makeup but I love it so much…

So right now my lips are a bright red from the stuff I bought myself the other day and my eyelashes are glittery from what Chael got me today.


Tonight the rub was my feet.  I was fiddling in here on the computer talking to a potential slave that contacted me.  Things seemed to be going well until I laid it out for him that if I took him on I was guaranteeing/promising nothing… we could do great and be partners in the long run -or I could drop him in 2 weeks.  I didn’t promise long-term to anyone and reserved the right to end a relationship if it wasn’t working out in my opinion.  They logged off at that point with no further replies to me.

I was blunt as this is something that comes up often:  sub males think that if I say “let’s give it a go and see what develops” that I am somehow pledging to be their mistress and to be so for an indefinite period or for always.  I’ve found I need to make it clear that I am *open* to having something work out over time, not that I am *stating something will* work out over time.


Anyways, back to home.  Tonight was a foot rub.  I was in here tinkering and heard the music start in the livingroom and noted in my peripheral vision that the lights in the other rooms were being turned off.  Next I felt Chael’s presence at my door, so I got up to go into the livingroom with him.

We stood for a while holding each other, giving gentle and tender kisses.  We then settled down to his massaging me.  As usual it was quite lovely and relaxing.

While enjoying the rub I had some idea for small penis videos develop in my head and after it I talked to Chael about it some and he gave me a couple more thoughts.  Happily, these are videos I can do while healing as they aren’t body-stressing or infection-risking (like the sploshing would be).


Oh, earlier regarding videos:  We were sitting talking about them and I was expressing how it’s a bit hard to do the small penis and otherwise humiliation ones when you don’t have someone to actually look at and go off their reactions.  Chael made the joke that I could yell at him, he’d just make me mad at him.

I said, “yeah, right” as that’s not our style.

He paused during my reply and then said, “wait a minute, you wouldn’t yell at me.  If I made you mad you’d make me write an essay again.  Nevermind that”.


He’s all busy now and excited to be developing a D&D world.  Chael’s an excellent DM, the best I’ve worked with.  He builds and runs free-form games, not campaigns.  If not familiar with the difference,  campaign games/modules have a set path, structure and goal.  Like, your group gets sent on a quest to kill a dragon and you all must do it together to reach that goal.

This type of play is both boring and annoying to me.

Free-form games, like Chael’s, are where the DM sets up a world and let’s you go and do whatever you want… together or separate.  You might all be in a village and receive a quest, then go as a group and go do it.  Or 3 of you say, “let’s go do it!” and 2 say, “we’re going to go do this other thing and explore this other area”.  And he runs BOTH (or multiple) groups at one time.  Players are able to play against one another, change alignments and loyalties, travel together or separate, etc.  He regroups us from time to time to keep the game together and us interacting, but there’s no one set goal or structure or mandatory behaviors in where we go or what we do or with who.

It’s frickin’ awesome.

I’m a little nervous about playing this time.  We only have one or maybe two other players besides me.  I HATE playing with one other person as there’s not enough social interaction and playing characters off each other in the game.  So I’m praying we can get a third.

Then, they may be wanting to play good alignment characters.  I never play good aligned characters… I see no interest in this.  Why would I play someone who does the right thing or is always nice or doesn’t randomly shiv others?

Also, it’s always touchy the first time with a new group when you do jack another player for their stuff.

Getting a little view into my personality here?

My eyelashes are so glittery.

I told Chael I want him to learn to paint my nails in addition to taking the polish off.  He’s game to try.  I’m sure this will be very frustrating for us both at first.

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