Chael’s Short Essay

I told him I wanted him to write a short essay on projection, his doing it, etc. and to have it to me by noon today.  He emailed it to me around 10;30-11am.  Here it is:


Projection is a defense mechanism where I project my own negative emotions onto you. Applying negative attributes to you that you don’t actually have. This causes me to perceive you in a negative light.

As always, the first step in fixing the problem is to acknowledge that the problem exists. Although in this case it is important that I realize that the problem belongs exclusively to me; which is to say that I can in no way externalize the blame for this problem.
The next step is to define the issues that I am projecting. The stressors that cause me to project at you are: general work stress, school related time management stress, and stress caused by the uncertainty of the future.
Having defined the issues I must now take responsibility for them. This must come through the realization that these problems are my own and that I, myself, must resolve them.
The last step is to face my problems. If in the course of this I find myself overwhelmed or in any way unable to deal with my problems I will discuss the problem with you.
Love ,

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