Registered for Camp Crucible in May!

I didn’t sleep last night for some reason.  Soooo tired today I’ve been feeling really unwell today and am just taking it very easy around the house until it is time for bed (I don’t dare lay down early or I’ll just sleep an hour or so and wake up again possibly).  Uggggggghhhhh.


Chael owes me two rubs tonight.  The regular one and the one he missed last night because he passed out early and I was nice and didn’t boot him out of bed lol.

I just registered us for the Full Monty at in May/Jun.  It’ll be Chael’s first Camp, first major kink event, and first time meeting the members and adjacents of Delta Sigma House.

I’m hoping all goes well and am quite excited.


And I am hearing noised coming from the kitchen that I can in no way relate to him cooking the chili I’d said I wanted tonight… time to investigate.


Back.  He’s made some delightful chili that is warm on the stove, he just got in the mood to saute onions for his own dinner.  Okay.


Sent my sister some pictures from my sploshing and candy cane sets plus some random work, fun, and personal pictures I had around the computer that were somewhat recent.

Oh, also, my iphone 4 dropped into the toilet when I went to drop my pants to pee at a local restaurant the other night and is ruined so I have a new iphone 5 arriving in the next few days.  Hopefully Monday.  We’ll see.

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