Looking ahead and Chael falls into bad habits without me

Discussed the move pattern some more – he got his orders today so we can actually start with the clearing appointments to get out of here, transportation being a big important one for me.

I’m doing a lot stronger as the days go by.  Still hard, but time is passing and I’m adjusting bit by bit.

Speaking with 2 potential slaves in NYC that seem nice and grounded.  It would be good to hit it off with someone right away, but I don’t put any hope into it… we’ll see what happens when I meet folks and actually get some face-time with them.  See if they like me at all and if I like them.

These will be totally non-romantic/sexual slaves should either work out.  Purely power and service focused.  Kink play now and then, sure, but not the focus and not of a sexual type.

Talking to Chael today about the move, sitting in what used to be “our” sushi place was hard.  I had to control myself, keep me from crying.  I managed, but it was rough.

Depending on when I get Wells Fargo’s update that I got my loan we’ll be traveling back down to Austin to sell my car off…  Then Saturday we go to USAA and arrange bank stuff and separate out the car insurance (take me completely off and make it his, take him off the renter’s insurance as that’s mine), have him decide if he wants to keep and use his new USAA accounts I had set up for him before I told him I was leaving him… it would be in both of ours best interest if he switched over… better bank than he’s using, by far, and it will make the alimony payments to me quick and easy with account to account transfer inside the bank.

As it is, the bank he uses hasn’t changed their setup since we opened the account back in 1997 or so…horrible interface, no wire transfers, online bill pay is that they mail out a paper check when you tell them  who to pay as the only way… even if the bill company or receiving bank can take electronic means.  Oh, correction, you can do a wire transfer through Western Union on the bank’s site… but only to someone who is on your account, too.

So he needs to work out a better alimony system and changing over to USAA would be smarter in general.  It’s not as though it’s hard to change that deposit.

Without me running things he’s fallen back into bad habits he’s had and added some new:  OTC stimulants, drinking more than he normal does, eating more calories than he should and no logger using MFP which he had started to have good results from, back to drinking a bunch of diet sodas, back on eating dairy, wants me to cancel his gym membership entirely.

Me, I’m logging my food and dropping pounds. I’m looking forward to time in NYC, looking for gyms that have LesMills classes.

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