Lawyer. Car. iTaboo

Today I go to the lawyer’s, pay my final payment on the divorce and give them the final copy of the signed decree. Then it’s a matter of waiting til the mandatory 60 day waiting period is up (that started in early Feb when I filed, not just starting now) til I get a finalization court date.

Going about it firmly and as if it were a job… as neutral as I can be, pragmatic in my mindset and doings.

But on the inside, underneath? Ugh.

Also, decided with the move that I am selling my car asap. I put it up on some selling sites and also contacted semi-local dealerships that buy cars and got rough quotes from them (no solid quotes, as I need to take the car to be seen and evaluated, but I answered the questions correctly: it’s in amazing shape, only having owned it 1.5-2 years of uptight use and upkeep lol). It’s just plain going to be better for me financially to not try and pay for a car while not really ever using it for a year (or more) in NYC… car loan + insurance + storage each month when I may not even USE it each month -or even every couple months or more. It would cost me less in the long run to sell my car and just rent one on the very rare occasions I want to go on a trip not involving a plane, train or bus.

So yeah. Yay for paying off a large part of my car loan and dropping other costs, boo on the fact that it’s a new car that I love.

Worth it, though!


We’re living in a kind of empty holding pattern nowadays.  It’s mostly civil but yeah, as you’d expect there is no warmth or friendliness… except that he is totally fine, doesn’t care, and thinks we should still be friends and I should be sweet and soft towards him like before I found out all this happened.  Or when he decides to try and provoke me to get attention on him in that way.

So yeah… Same as it’s been since the last few posts, except I’m coping a bit better each day.

How could he be so different from what I always thought?  From what he always led me to believe?   Since the Big Reveal I’ve seen day by day a bit more of the real person and it’s stomach-twisting.


But anyways, this blog isn’t going to focus on all that end of things today.


Lawyer.  Car.  And iTaboo.

I’m a moderator over at  iTaboo and we’ve had a big raise in membership the past couple-three days and it’s so far continuing.  iTaboo and Mademoiselle are getting swamped and I’m doing what I can to answer questions, welcome people, etc…. I’ve been late on getting my hands in things on this as I had no clue so many people were suddenly showing up at once.  I was involved in other things and barely got online for about a day or day and a half (just a few “hi” sort of messages and the Delta Sigma chat rooms, not my usual all-the-heck-over reading), then hopped on and went WOAH.

So, bugs are being noticed and worked out, lots more activity as numbers grow, and I’m doing what I can to be helpful.  Today I have those errands and then I’ll largely be online over there, checking in every few minutes.  If you’ve ever wondered about it or liked the idea but felt there were too few people, come on over!  It only gets bigger and more active as folks make use of it.

And be sure to say “hi” to me on my wall or by site-mail.  If I know you from other sites (or might) then be sure to let me know what your name on that place is… We’ve all had someone message us on a website where the person acted like we’d known one another and we’re all like, “and you are?”.  So let me know who you are (or that we are just now meeting).

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