Jobs, D&D, Rubs, VA, and More

Okay, and overview of the past few days and plans for tomorrow:

Had lunch with Chael’s co-worker and his wife Saturday to get to know her and let her get to know us to see if she’d possibly be a good player for our upcoming D&D game.  It was nice and she’s quite friendly, so all is a go there.  However, she may not be able to play a lot due to having weird hours with her training/work.  We’ll see how it all works out.

Met up with the guy from Dale Photography yesterday and had lunch with him and one of the models that works with him named Kim.  Both were very nice and I enjoyed it.  Should be good with shooting with them.

Today he messages me about if I can do face-painting of the sorts that show in his portfolio on ModelMayhem.  Sure, it’s stuff I can do but I don’t have nearly all the kinds of stuff I need for it.  I told him I’d have to get supplies, he told me to let him know how much it costed.  I’m going to pass on any help for the cost if he offers, as they will be things I’ll use til the end of time it’s not fair for him to put in to help.

I, of course, didn’t order things I’d need completely.  I just ordered things I can see me needing in the immediate future with the skin-tone of me and the model I met and things I can use to alter that or do artful things on us.  With the collection of pro stuff I already have I’ll be well stocked.  If he wants me to paint another model with a very different skin tone than anything I have I’ll order more things specific for that person.

Today Chael and I drove down to Georgetown for a dental appointment of his.  It was shorter than we’d estimated.  He goes back on the 28th for them to finish their project and then he schedules for more work they want to do on him.  We’re trying to get as much dental stuff done as we can on him before he’s out and we have to pay for it out of pocket or acquire dental insurance and pay co-pays.

Tomorrow he has shoulder and security clearance meetings at work and I have a trip to the VA in Temple.  Not looking forward to that.

It’s the mental health appointment that the gynecologist put in for me when he told me there was nothing he could do for my vaginal pain and that it might be a mental problem causing it.  While that’s possible because some females do, in fact, develop issues like that I don’t personally think that’s it and I’m really not impressed and still quite pissed with the fact that the gyn is basically not doing shit for me.  The office (first the N.P. and then on another occasion him) did 2 pelvic exams with STD swabs and they never saw anything wrong so he told me that that was it and there was nothing he could do for me and he has no idea what the problem is.

I’m not even a doctor and I know there are lots of things he could’ve/should’ve done for me beyond a pelvic exam.

But, as I said here before when I’ve talked about it, he sent me to psych and also brought up that maybe he could refer me out of the VA to a gyn who specializes in vulva/vaginal pain… as a total afterthought and response to me being a bit pushy with him.


So, yeah, psych for vag pain tomorrow.

Chael cooked quinoa casserole tonight so we have vegan food for tomorrow at his co-worker’s house.  All us players and Chael are getting together over there to have the last couple people generate their characters and to generally hang out together as a group.  It is quite yummy, I had a small bowl.

Chael came and got me for my rub tonight.  He asked me what I wanted done and I thought about it for a bit.. and said “calves and feet”.

He responds, “hey, that’s two areas, you don’t get two areas!”

Me, in a sort of playful whiny tone, “they’re… both part of a single limb part”.

Him, “can I rub ahead?”

Me, not sure quite what he means and replying hesitantly and with a confused tone, “yeahhhh, I guess so…”

Him, “okay, I’ll rub ahead!  We’ll going to be busy tomorrow”.

Then I get what he means:  he wants to rub two parts of me tonight since we’ll not get  home til late tomorrow and have less time for it.

So, I lay down on my stomach with him behind me leaning against the couch, our normal foot-rub position.  The leg being rubbed is between his legs with the the knee bent and the shin and foot leaning against his chest.  He starts rubbing my calf for a bit.

I’m a bit miffed about the earlier conversation, so I turn my head and shoulder towards him a little bit so we can look at each other and said something to get his attention to the fact I was gonna say something.  He responds that I have his attention.

I say in a stern and kinda sassy/mouthy tone, “if I want tow, I’ll get two”.

He makes a smooch to me.

This is a non-commital response that irritates me.

I use my foot to thwap him in the chest and sternly and somewhat sharply say, “acknowledge!”.

He answers, “yes, Mistress”.

Then I feel him lean forward and he grabs the bottom of my butt with each hand and does this *squeeze squeeze* to it and cracks me up with it.

We’re then both in happy and silly moods so he resumes rubbing and I relax on the floor and enjoy it.

After that’s done, I go to get up and he asks me where I’m going.  I stated that I was getting up.  He tells me to lay down, indicating he wants me sideways on the blanket and back on my stomach.  So I get there, thinking it seems he’s going to do more massage.

Sure enough, he moves up so he’s kneeling about my head and starts rubbing my back and makes the comment that he has to get the stuff off his hands (implying that the only reason he’s giving me extra massage because he has lotion still on his palms, being playful).  It was short but quite nice.

Then I came in here to do this blog and he came in and irritated the pee out of me with a couple comments.  I could still kick him.  But I’m trying to just let it go because it was just irritating, not anything serious or a big deal.

So, now it’s bedtime.  We’re going to cuddle tonight so he’s laying here next to me resting and waiting for me to finish this and set up for sleep.

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