Safer Blood Play Notice!

Due to reading elsewhere on the web some things that made me headdesk about the % and timings on using alcohol for disinfection in blood play I was irritated again and reminded of how many other times I run into these things.

First, I’m stating I’m a RACK player and a “do what you want as long as everybody’s okay to do it with you” sort.

There are times I don’t take full precautions on things… Chael and I are fluid bonded and both quite healthy, sometimes I just bust out something known to be clean (note, not sterile, just disinfected) and cut on him without barriers or skin prep. Usually not, but that has more to do with my own medical angle to sharps play and less about any serious risks to the two of us.

My thing here ISN’T about people saying “We know the risks and the safety measures available, and this is how much we’ve chosen to give a fuck”. That’s totally fine by me.

This IS about people who are SHARPS/CUTTING PLAY EDUCATORS often and repeatedly misinforming their classes, friends, whatever on the use of skin and surface disinfectants… the manner in which different ones work, what they are good to be used on, what concentrations they need be, how long they should be in contact with the item, any and how long of on-going effect they have after drying or rinsing, etc.

SO, with all that bitchy build-up, I present you two links from the CDC. These do not cover everything you may ever need to know, they are not the only things you should look at, etc and so on. But you should know these things before you go telling other people them (or more accurately speaking here, telling people things that are directly shown to be wrong by the CDC) or choosing your own acceptable risk levels:

When you’re done there, if you have more questions, use the power of google and sites like that one to find out more.


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