A’Sploshing We Will Go! (WAM Plans)

Chael slept most of the day today, making me want to kick him in the face while he slept… but I didn’t.  I let him sleep because while I could have woke him to do the stuff I’d wanted to do, I knew he’d be a big pain in the ass if I did.

Not out of malice, just out of being groggy and unhelpful when so.

Instead, I did stuff that I could do that was productive (I’d hoped to go shopping for supplies and to start working on videos today after he got home form work) with him asleep.

Finally he got up, around 6:30pm or so and I expressed my gripe, we hugged, and went to the store.

The plan is to spend a good part of this 4 day weekend making fetish videos revolving around shaving, foot and shoe fetish, food/object crushing, and sploshing/Wet And Messy.

We’re doing stuff that I can’t do on my own (need someone else to manage the video and still cameras) and also to use a partner in the videos rather than doing solo stuff.

I got all KINDS of goo to put on me:

sploshing suppliesI foresee epic amounts of bathing this weekend.

Oh, and Walmart on the Friday night before Christmas?  Not.A.Good.Idea.

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