Productive and Talks

So, I missed Grit again yesterday.  Once again was locked inside the house. Put in a work order and the showed up in the afternoon…

…after looking at the lock the service man informed me that they problem these two times it’s stopped working is because someone is intentionally tampering with the lock and he warned me to please be careful going in and out of the house from now on.



Chael and I had a big long talk yesterday about me and our relationship.  Not anything unhappy, just a “what do you think about this?”, “what are your opinions on that?”, “this is how I see it”, “really? lol”; that sort of conversation regarding my personality in regards to others and him and our mutual happiness and such.  It was good.  Started when we were shopping at the grocery and then finished driving home.

Not gonna drag out the details, but basically we agreed we’re a good match. haha.

We changed up our massage pattern:  instead of chilling out watching a movie or TV during it, we put on some music and lit some candles and sat on the floor – me in front of him between his legs with my back to him – and he rubbed my shoulders.  When done I twisted around and half laid on the floor and half laid against him, my arms hugging around his waist and my head on his stomach/breastbone while we talked a little about odds and ends and kissed.

I’ve been very productive this week.  Have 3 clip sites I’m selling my stuff on and have arrangements to sell the videos that violate the rules of those sites (some of the rules I can understand as being hard to get a payment system to agree to or being extreme acts… but some of the rules out there are really bizarre.  Like on one the rules actually include not mentioning vampires.  WTH?), have a couple methods of receiving tribute, and have been taking pics and talking to photographers for more professional stuff.

I love this sort of work… it’s stuff that I can do more of than public-customer-relations sort of stuff or scheduled work.  I can be all productive when capable like right now and then when unable to be I have product out there available already that I don’t need to deal with people regarding.  I can’t handle set schedules or regularity of contact or any such; I have to control my contact with others and work when I’m able to work to be able to do anything so this works for me.

Also worked yesterday on rebuilding a couple cutting classes.  I want to have a Cutting 201 – Artistic Work class outlined and ready before the end of the month to give to Grant for The Class List of what Delta Sigma members can/will do.  Gonna work on that some more today and do some more on a drawing I started yesterday.

I warned Chael that tonight or this weekend he was helping with some fetish videos.  We have to not show him in any way breaking Army rules and not have him identifiable at all until he gets out, but he can still be a big help in creation in non-sexy/nude ways.

I love him.

I also warned him that when he gets out he’s going to be doing all kinds of things in videos and pictures with me.



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