So, this morning has been quite productive and a bit of a happy surprise, too.

I’ve been fiddling with and thing I have a version of my Pro-Dom site up that I like.  Link to the right.

And while working on that, the doorbell rang.

Chael went and got the package being delivered and brought it into my room saying it was for me and from  It was a big box… and he wasn’t acting like it was a surprise from him… so I was stumped and curious.

Turns out it was Christmas gifts from BAF!  They sent me a friendly card and a nice pad and pen, a very nice coffee cup, and a very, very, very nice gym/toy bag.

Seriously, for a free “thanks for being a customer” type gift, that bag is fricking awesome.  Good weight canvas, very well made.

It’s nice to know the  huge amounts of money I spend there (maybe not huge by other people’s standards, but it is by mine) is noticed and appreciated by the company.  Their awesome customer service is what keeps bringing me back to them over and over.




IMG_1014[1]Turns out Chael and I are going down to his mother’s for a few hours on the 29th (I think that was the day…).



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