So Chael’s shoulder is all fucked again.

It’s really his own fault, he did stuff he knew he shouldn’t.  They were moving a bunch of windows last week and he, being the big strong guy he is, went in and was all “rawr! lift heavy things!”… only, you know, his shoulders nowadays really can’t hold up to what his muscles can lift.  So his right shoulder is swollen and painful.  I’m nagging him to take Ibuprofen and putting Cryogel on it at night and telling him he needs to make a doc’s appointment for it – which he keeps forgetting to do.



Anyways, it’s been a quiet couple days here.  I’ve been being productive still.  Did a toenail painting video today and some drawing and signed up for a few more sites to work on.  Am thinking I’m going to use a WordPress template to build my basic pro site back up under my pro domain name.  I need to get a “Hey I’m right here!” work site back up and running.  After the totally BS involved with Certified Hosting and losing everything from my site I have to rebuild and make new content and yada yada….  So I really ought to get my butt in gear and do it.  Not saying I’ll *stay* with the template in the long run, I intend to build a custom site like I did before eventually, but just to get *something* back up when people find my domain.


Chael’s D&D books I ordered came in the mail yesterday.  Today the earrings he ordered me off Bodyartforms.com arrived today.  He got me some wooden ladybug plugs made by OmericaOrganic.com and a bunch of earskins from KaosSoftwear.com.

Talked to my mom some  Tuesday night (we talk on the phone every few weeks).  I told her about some of the stuff going on with my art and stuff being asked about and possibly being hired for… to include my needle stuff.  She was actually pleased and accepting of the fact that people liked my needle and cutting work.  -She’s long described it as “sick”.  Whatever mom…  Glad you’re somewhat hypocritically happy for me. lol.  But no, I’m pleased she is being supportive.

Below are pictures of my new earrings:















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