I didn’t manage to fall asleep at all last night.  I kept trying but not good.   So I spent hours either laying there on my side or sitting there reading on my iPad while Chael made these god-awful snoring/drowning noses when he’d repeatedly turn onto his back.

I tried to ignore it since it was clear he was sleeping really hard.  But I cracked and woke him up for it once.  Only for him to fall back asleep a few minutes later and roll back onto his back.




Then he slept until about 1:30pm today still in my bed next to me making those awful noises.

As I tweeted, I was having intense urges to boot him in the side of the head.

But he got up, we went to sushi and I felt like I was dying trying to stay awake and focus during it.  He ran into the grocery while I waited in the truck on the ride home.  Then I spent the day trying to be somewhat productive and staying awake until bedtime.


He fell asleep early last night so he missed our rub.  Tonight he did my scalp and face, then my feet.  I kept passing out during my feet so when he was done he asked my if it was bedtime.  I said it was bedtime.


So we’re going to bed.

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