Making A Haul

Again, I love it when Chael buys me stuff.


Due to it being the holiday season, I’m raking in more from him than usual… but god how I love it.  Mental tally says we’re almost to $2000 worth of stuff, not counting the regular things like flowers and our standard agreement mentioned in other posts.


My big Xmas present of earrings, a special little iPhone camera add-on, vegan chocolates, a paint-brush stylus for my iPad, flexible silicone novelty ice cube trays, and lots else.


Today we went to the storage facility to get out one of my old (by like 2 years, still very nice and up to date) video cameras that I use to record some of my scenes and then to Walmart to buy me a new tripod… because for about a month or so I’ve mentioned a couple times that I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my tripods and wished I could be videoing my cuttings with him and my upcoming stuff with Redeye.

So he told me he’d buy me a new tripod for a present.

We walked out of Walmart with me having a new Sony video recorder, a tall tripod, a small tripod, and a 32GB SanDisk for it.

On the drive out of the parking lot, Chael says, “I’m officially done with my Christmas shopping….. for the third time now”.  I answer with a chirpy, “ok!”.

Twenty minutes later I’m in Sally’s buying some hair dye while he’s in RadioShack.  He comes in and up to me and sing-songs, “I just got you a present at RadioSchack!”.  I ask, “what?”.  He says, “I’m not telling, you’ll have to wait for it in your stocking!”.

About 4 minutes later the cashier is ringing my up and he cracks and shows what he got for me:  a new pair of wire cutters for my sharps kit, since somehow I lost mine.


I love him so hard.


Then we went and saw the 3D version of Life of Pi.  It wasn’t bad, amusing, but we both (of course) liked the book much better.

We got there early and played games.  As usual, there was an air hockey dual.  Chael beat me… but only because out of the 7:6 point set I scored 4 of those 7 on myself.

That’s right, I kicked my own ass in air hockey.


Looks like I may be going to be a future instructor with Kink Academy.   LadyCyanide put in good word for me, so in a few months or so when I and Princess Kali both get settled we’ll meet up and talk about it.  Awesomesauce.

In addition to working much more on my art lately, I’m getting back to my pro-dom work and related ventures (returning to NiteFlirt tomorrow, joined, am reconstructing my Amazon Wishlist, etc).


On the move, I think I’m going to cut back our rental budget maximum by about $500.  Chael reminded me of something I had no thought about whatsoever:  With him getting out of the Army he’s required to keep medical insurance on his son as part of his child support.  I didn’t think about this at all because A) I don’t normally have anything to do with his child-handling, and B) while he’s been in the Army his kids are covered under our Tricare…. on his getting out we need to either pay for keeping Tricare or find some other medical coverage for his son (whereas if there was no son, Chael would just transition to VA medical care and we’d have no medical costs).  So I’ve added that to the budget, which wasn’t really a huge change, and also decided I’d like us to have a little more free-money each month.

So the place I was previously feeling lusty towards is about $300 more than I want us to pay.

Ah, being responsible.  lol.


Tonight will be a foot rub.

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