Snippet from a post w/ self-discovery

As part of what I said elsewhere:

“Doing a quick look over in my mind, I have a general aversion to putting anything into any opening in another human being, with a very few exceptions.”

It’s not just a no ass thing and sounding doesn’t seem like fun thing… it’s all openings. Mouth, vagina, nose, ears, urethra, anus, eyes.

As said there, there are a very few exceptions. But as an over-all thing, it’s not just not wanting to go near someone’s ass (though that’s my strongest depending on what manner we’re talking with the eyes) like I thought it was.

Other than those tiny bit of things, I really don’t like people’s holes.


Also going on with me:

My name change was finalized, I think I said earlier.  I’m still in the long process of changing everything.  So far, one of my banks and my Social Security number.

Gotta get my butt to the DMV.

Also, though my VA records are still in my previous name still, after telling my pdoc about my name change she refers to me by it.  Nice.


I’m waiting til next month’s SSDI payment to come through to make sure that change didn’t mess anything up.  If it’s okay, I then attack the VA.  And Chael.  And at least one of my bank accounts at WF as a part of transition there.

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