Still Here and Hetero-normative Expectations

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on this blog, but I want to assure those of you out there who read this that I am still here and future posts on FLRs and related will come.

I’ve been focused greatly more on vanilla matters lately.  Appointments, gym, seeing leather family, and so on.

There have been two primary male subs I have spoken about in the recent past here.  Neither have turned into anything serious or time-intensive.  One turned into purely being a friend and not submissive to me.  The other is an occasional visit but feels as though it may be turning neutral, too.  Unsure on that one.  In any case, I see him very rarely.

I can’t recall how far back the last time was that I brought it up, so forgive if it was just last post or two, but there is something I see constantly due to statistics, assumed statistics, perceptions, expectations:  heteronormativity in the FLR world.

The focus is almost always on F/m relationships and that is, too, where I have primarily spoken from.  This is because, for myself, I have not recently been in any power-exchange relationship with a female.  However, due to the non-heterosexual number of people out there, F/f dynamics exist and are absolutely a part of the Female Led Relationship community or subject.  Rarer, but still there in their minute amount are F/i combinations of partners.

Those of us who prefer our relationships to be led by a dominant female partner are not limited to only male submissives for partners.  The other variations exist and need to be addressed more (by me, too).

Let’s not forget those relationships that are not heterosexual and also not forget that power-exchange relationships need not be based in sexuality.

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