On socializing

This is basically a duplicate of the post on my social blog but it goes here, too.  Part of my crusade against the porndomme stereotype applied to real life.

Note, I am and always have been thumbs up on the porndomme stereotype.  Porn has its very fun place.  Those familiar with me know that that’s not the issue, it’s the folks who can’t see female dominants as whole people outside of the idea of spike heels and corset.  (Note, I’m currently typing this sitting on my bed with my dyed-purple cat next to me. naked, hair in a ponytail, and had sushi and Christmas cookies for breakfast this morning.)

So this was me last night.  Blue and green pigtails, black yoga pants, black Hanes boxer briefs under them with my packer in them, black bra, hot pink top, and my only makeup was mascara and filling in my eyebrows some.

I drank, I danced, I limboed, I tried to hit the high note in A-Ha’s Take On Me with about 100 other people (we were a group of 108), and at one point found myself rapping along to Ice Ice Baby and making DJing motions to it with a fellow I never met and never heard who just happened to walk past me in the bar doing the same thing when we locked eyes and started doing it towards each other as he walked away.

Oh, and singing along to Don’t Stop Believing with others while we all dramatized to it.

So, as I’m copying from my other blog:

I went to a really silly event last night ran by Quietevents.com.  Alcohol + same-tuned headset music + NYC subways system = a lot of fun.

Here are snippets of it and me specifically:


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