Dates and Shoots

So, I’ve had 2 dates with guys from Craigslist so far, one more coming up.  After, you know, weeding out the 4.5 million other emails I got, some on subject and some completely not.


The first, an attractive guy and very polite.  Interested in BDSM with past experience….  but I couldn’t get him to talk.  I mean, he’d speak, but I walked away with no clear image in my head of what he was seeking, who he was, what he liked, etc (vanilla or BDSM).  Oh, except he doesn’t like all the new super hero style movies that have been coming out lately.  And he’s had one mistress (but couldn’t be clear about what that really meant for him).  And that he really wasn’t into being told what to do and that he’d probably balk at me telling him (and yet you had a mistress?  again what?)….  An he was another who didn’t actively engage and try to talk in a normal back-and-forth manner of sharing info, asking questions, etc.  It was basically just me asking the occasional questions that popped into my head and it kept getting more quiet and more awkward as I was running out of things to ask.

Despite the total lack of mutual interest (he didn’t engage, like I said, and despite his (oh, also!) telling me he didn’t like sports) kept looking up over my head at the tv showing some sports thing going on instead of filling any of the silences himself.

But he still expressed during all this that he wanted to give it a try and see what happened… to date… even though we totally had nothing in common where we did talk and mostly didn’t talk and we seemed completely unsuited.  I got the feeling that he was one of those guys/subs who will take any female/dom just to have one… it didn’t really matter whether we were right seeming at all.

So I ended up frustrated and feeling no spark at all and told him politely that I just wasn’t feeling it would work and we parted on a friendly note.

He later sent me his CollarMe name to (paraphrased) “show me he was really serious about this lifestyle”… and when I looked his CM profile basically said nothing, too.

So, a dud for me on the first one despite him being a good guy.

The second I met at a Starbucks and we got chatting.  He was nice and at one point got up and got me a soy cappuccino.  He talked a lot, a really chatter.  It was sometimes hard to get a word in, honestly.  But he was really upbeat, really friendly.  We both seemed to have a really good time sitting and talking.  He’s a switch but my ad made clear I am dominant and was looking by priority for a submissive male and he clarified that he’s one of those people who basically reacts to the energy had with the other person and was fine with taking the sub role with me.  He told me about his past mistress and what he enjoyed in their relationship and honestly she sounded a lot like me.  The conversation went on for a fairly long while and then the poor guy was starving because his workday had only given him a small chance to eat and he asked if I’d like to move things to dinner or no.  I said sure and we had Thai food together at a cute little place just across the street a bit.

He had a lot of interests, a lot of work, past as a sub in a relationship, and was really very involved in our time chatting.  He seemed very nice and so we’re keeping in touch.  He’s out of town for work but we plan to get together in the future.

So, that was a pretty good one.

I’m trying to arrange a meetup with a third guy from CL that I am emailing with.  Him I’m unsure of and we’ll see how the meeting goes.  He’s very friendly and talkative in our emails… but he’s Very negative in a woe-is-me sort of way.  I’ve expressed that it’s a bit much but it’s still coming…. so I’ll see if he’s like that in person, too, or if it’s just a writing thing.


Did 2 video shoots recently.  A mouth fetish shoot with a nice young man who will be starting a site for such (will let folks know where that is once it comes out) and a foot fetish shoot with BrooklynEbonyFeet with the first clip released here (clicky picture):

DSC_0038 copy



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