Visit with a sub last night

So, we ended up going to dinner as planned and it was nice.  Food was good, chatting was good, all around good.  He was sweet and paid.

Before this, at meeting we said hello and hugged – which I’m going to put an end to as I’m not, if you’ve read around here for long, big on hugs from other than closest friends – and he took the opportunity of the hug to kiss my cheek.  I almost knocked him upside the head for taking the liberty.  I settled for telling him firmly not too Ever do that again.

If I feel it is okay for him to kiss my cheek hello it will be on my terms.

We left the restaurant and I started walking to the right, just to walk at random and be social a little more while keeping a subway station in mind to head home as I didn’t want to be out too late.  We were going to pass one of his office locations that was mostly dead at night and asked if I’d like to come in and see it and such.  I said sure, figure “hey, what the hell, we’re wandering…” and we did.  It was a nice little cubicled place and the only thing you could hear was someone working and talking upstairs.

We went and talked in the conference room where part of the wall, the door framing area was glass into the lobby, but part of it was wall.  I’d planned if all went well to have a little play or fun that evening if I still felt like it when time came and while sitting there talking I got into the mood for it and started letting my head work on ideas and enjoy the setting for such.  He after a bit asked if he could get down and kiss my boots, I told him no, that I was myself thinking on things.

I consider and looked around some more, we chatted a little bit, and then I decided to have some fun.  I got up, grabbed him by the front of the jacket collar, dragged him to the side of the doorframe room area where it was Highly unlikely we’d be seen plus he was hauled to the ground so the table and chair were blocking the view and put him on to all fours but with his head lower.  I let go and told him firmly to get lower and he put his head down to the ground.

I was wearing my vegan purple workboots and placed my right foot on his back and pressed and shifted the weight, then moved it to another part as I kept moving location a little and pressing, twisting a little and shoving a tiny bit.  I think took it and dragged the sole down his spine and over the back of his head unless my foot came down to the ground.  I did it a couple more times mixed in with my foot on  his back again.  I then told him to kiss the boot and put it under his nose.

His did so enthusiastically and I could tell he was getting turned on a lot.  So after a bit I took it away and did the same things… back, head, etc. with my left boot and then let him kiss that for a while.  Somewhere in there I also took a bit of time to step on his fingers that were on the ground in front of me, to the sides of his head slightly.  I was careful with how much weight to put on as I’m not sure where the line between pain and damage is there for him and I didn’t want to do the latter.

After all that I had us sit back in our chairs and go back to just hanging out.  He expressed being excited and I smiled, perhaps laughed a tiny bit, as I knew that was the case.  After a bit I put my feet up on his leg so that my boots’ soles were near his hips/crotch while we talked.  After a while he asked if he could touch my boots.

I told him no for fun.

We talked some more and he later asked again.

I told him no for fun and smiled.

He asked later if I wanted to do anything else around the building and I told him no, that that was enough for tonight and we went to walking down the street again and I wanted to find that subway spot as earlier.  He knew where it was located so he guided.  After a while of walking, I put my hand behind his back and grabbed the throat of his jacket from behind and pulled it snuggly back against his throat while placing my forearm down his spine and putting some leverage on his back by my lower arm and elbow pushing forward while the top pulled back.  It looked like a casual affectionate thing to the small amount of people we passed in the dim sidewalk.  After  a while when my arm began to get tired I let him loose and he thanked me.

He and I got close to the subway, just a couple more blocks and we saw a place with people in it and looked to see what it was.  I saw the window had a decorated bit that indicated it was a cafe of sorts… on going in it looked more like a restaurant and the menu displayed showed such was its focus.  So we popped in the door and asked the hostess if they made soy cappuccinos there and she said yes and we sat at the bar.  He had coffee and I chose to have a glass of sauvignon blanc to see how it compared to the night before’s at the opera.  It was pleasant but I wouldn’t drink it again.

We continued to talk.

Once finished I chose to pay for our drinks and we went back out headed to the A train, we were both to head north on it.  Him less, me more.  I should’ve peed at the cafe as I had the classic problem of mine:  I’ve fine until after we walk out of the door.  Happens *constantly* when I go out.  But, I kept myself together lol.

Eventually we got on the subway and we each made our way home.

I did some grocery shopping for a couple of tiny items and went home.  Happily I was able to sleep last night.

We made rough unconfirmed plans for a visit to my home on Thursday, either that or a picnic.  We’ll see what I’m in the mood for in the next day or two and send him a solid yes or no on it.

This week I also meet the mouth fetish site person about that job and am working to arrange a date for a fetish shoot with one of the photographers I’ve worked with.

So that was my night.

Meanwhile, on CM there is a guy who doesn’t care at all that we have totally different things we’re looking for and keeps trying to manipulate and trick me, essentially, to being his service top for his “punishment” fetish and I keep playing game with him while mixing in clear statements that he should just let it go.  But no, he doesn’t end things, he just keeps returning with more messages trying to manipulate me into being his fetish delivery service.  To include the cute little passive-aggressive comments when I say something he doesn’t like about punishment that he doesn’t think I understand this life.  No, I just am not giving you want you want lol.

I’m up for play if someone wants the kind of play I enjoy and we hit it off really well.  All those that know me know I like casual play.  I’ve also had punishment-included relationships and enjoy it.   But I’m not into someone trying to trick me into playing with them under the guise of a relationship that includes punishment they repeatedly beg to get lol.

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