CM Trolling the Trolls

I know it’s a bad thing, that I need to learn not to do it because it comes from a tiny but mean-spirited part of me deep-down…

…but sometimes I really, really love messing with the guys who troll me with bullshit on CollarMe.  I love spending time, getting them to message and message in growing frustration, until they snap.

Just finished a great one.


For the record:  If you want to just be play partners or you are a masochist looking for pain play in a relationship saying so to me honestly is the absolute best way to go.  I may not reply, I may not be interested or say yes even if I reply and we talk… but it greatly improves your odds of a yes.  Pretending it’s something different than getting your kink on will not get you anywhere with me and may get you trolled in return.

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