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So I’ve just been quietly enjoying life here lately, doing my regular appointments and improving the apartment.  Reading books, making clips, enjoying tea and actually talking to some lovely folks online and have met some as I’ve said before.

There are a couple I’m met that have had potential as I’ve said before and I recently met one that has some real promise for a first-meeting so far.  Assuming I don’t crash at the wrong tie from this insomnia bout we’re meeting for dinner on Saturday night.  We had coffee together and what is normally 30 minutes and rarely more than 2 hours turned into about 4 hours of chatting and laughing.

When we introduced ourselves he presented me with a little plastic kids toy that is a solar-powered dancing sunflower, we sat and talked a little and then he asked if I’d like anything and went and got me the coffee I prefer, asked if I wanted anything in it, and brought it to me.  He seemed really friendly and we shared some surprising things in common.

The lovely gentleman I was speaking to last has dropped away it seems, but I’m not concerned.  It hasn’t been that long at all and life may have just gotten in the way as it does.  Besides, we’d not reached a point where I’m emotionally invest enough to care.  I don’t mean that to sound crass, just that he was very sweet but we weren’t a developed partnership or anything.  Purely a pleasant meeting and some talk online.

Speaking to another that does not live in NYC so wouldn’t be easily grabbable but seems a really awesome fellow online so far.  If nothing else I get a feel that he may be a nice friend to have around the area.

And on the play side I’m in talks with Redeye (my primary needle bottom), my leather family member Chesapeake, and some other folks online about doing possible needle play scenes in the future.

Now, we all know I am not someone who goes out or lets people in my home a lot so it’s not as though I’m running around doing a million things, planning a ton, meeting gazillions of folks.  Just that I’ve had some nice interactions lately when I have mixed with others and hope to arrange future goodness in my life.

On another subject, I still don’t have solid curtains up in my livingroom, only sheers still.  The bedroom curtains that I finally made relatively solid fell down a couple weeks back so I had to climb onto the Stepladder of Death and put them back up.  And having the Stepladder of Death already out and my courage up I used it to do a little decorating of the walls in the livingroom.

I’m starting to wonder what I’m going to do about this insomnia thing.  Doctor expresses we’re basically out of things to try (I find this rather hard to believe, but I’m believing her) as far as meds and everything I have has stopped working.  I’ve slept about 30 hours since Sunday afternoon.  This junk of the week I’ve now been up for 46 hours and am still not sleepy.  I mean, I am feeling some drag from the lack of sleep but nothing like during the missed day and half or so at the beginning of the week.  I was considering going to the gym today or tomorrow earlier when I was putting my clothing away.

I am hoping not to crash today suddenly because I have opera tickets for tonight.  It’s Norma.  Ideally I’ll go out, watch something I’ll sit for a long time at and enjoy, find myself very tired at the end and fall into bed and asleep when I get home and then sleep to a reasonable hour Saturday to later that evening have dinner.  If I don’t crash and I don’t fall asleep today again I then hope for the same things Saturday.

If I’m not falling asleep by Saturday night going home I’m heading straight up the 1 to go to the Bronx VA ER.  I think that if I hit 4 days of being awake straight that officially rates a trip to the ER to say “I demand drugs”.  (My doctor that won’t be back til next week is also the one who deals with my insomnia problem)

But I am surviving so far.  Didn’t even remotely tired last night.  Bummed around the house like it was mid-day on a regular-sleep day.

Meanwhile Jonesy is being a cat trying to use my bottle of calcium vitamins I set next to me here on the bed as a pillow to sleep with his face on and because he’s sleeping he keeps sliding off it .  Oh, he just did it and he was finally enough asleep that he didn’t notice.  He’s now laying at a weird angle.

Been talking to some friends on Facebook from about 6 years ago or so?  The husband is doing a research paper on the BDSM lifestyle and using me as a focus example sort of thing.  I’m about to email him my input he asked for.  I hope he braces himself, I do not believe he’s familiar with how verbose I tend to be in the written form.

It tends to throw a lot of people, actually.  They either know me from speaking in the real world where I’m generally quite quiet unless I get onto a subject I really have something to say on, but online I can and do write big huge things like this and seem more outgoing/aggressive.   I, among other things and as I’ve said in the past, just don’t have small talk.  Online I can sit and choose what I talk about largely at random as it interests me.  I don’t have to tie in my interest in makeup or go on at length in front of anyone about recent relationship or state how much I hate yet still use Mint at times to small talk about the weather or how long we’ve lived in the area.  I can just talk online when I feel I have something to say and be quiet when I don’t.

TheAntiangel says she still has a little scar from me from last Camp Crucible (the friend I was allowed to pounce on and punch and stuff, I may have used one of her other names in earlier mentions) and that I have a go for more sneak attacks this coming year.

Closing this up now.

Belated Happy Halloween, all.  I seriously wanted to go trick or treating but poorly planned my laundry pickup time.

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