Quiet, potential, random

Lately has just been daily stuff.  Tidying, painting, doctor’s appointments, yadayada.

I did meet with a potential servant and sub, part-time arrangement.  We had lunch at one point and we seemed to be hitting it off fairly well so we did a trial day.  While visiting he scrubbed down the bathroom and gave me a hand massage.  He was very nice and obeyed well but the chemistry just didn’t feel right so I wrote a note to him a couple days later (as we’d agreed) to let him know I didn’t think we should move forward.  Great guy and likely an amazing match for someone else, just not the right fit for me.

So the “position” is still open.  I’m not hunting something intensely and want something casual… Due to my anxiety stuff and the fact that I’m coming out of a major and long-term relationship I feel that’s best.  But I’m talking to some others online, who knows who I might hit it off with at some point?

No contact with Chael except over legal matters, which is best.

Talking to a new friend on a regular basis which is lovely but non D/s in nature.

Fairly quiet here.

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