Move Update!

So, I went out and spent some great time with my leather family members Kodak and D-Day, while Kodak let me stay at her house.  It was an exhausting but lovely time.  I scoured the internet for apartments and made a lot of calls, emails, and appointments to view.  Finally one came through.

Now this week it’s just mail off a few last things to my mom, finalize my divorce, finish up the house, and get Jonesy and I on a plane.

Then, pick up my keys, pop to the nearest store for a kitty litter tray, some papertowels, and a towel, order some vegan Chinese food and lay very lazily still for a while.

I’m gonna take a few days before inviting over my family for housewarming to kind of get my head adjusted a little to having my own new  place and new life separate from Chael’s.  I’m just gonna be in my new place with Jonesy, walk around the neighborhood some, those sorts of things.

Then I’m gonna arrange a good night for Kodak and D-Day to come over and hang out in my new place.

The breakup still hurts, as you can imagine.  But as said earlier, I’m not going to be focusing on that aspect of things a lot here anymore as it is a matter of the past.

That’s not to say that things about Chael’s and my life together  and how it relates to other things and such won’t be brought up… That’s all still important and relevant to the focus of this blog, but as we’re not in a relationship in current status I’m moving the now-not-a-couple stuff to my general social journal.

I have been talking to a variety of nice people in the NYC area.  Potential D/s partners and not.  It’ll be nice to meet new folks, be closer to family, and to actually get to meet in person some folks I’ve known online there for a good while.

Camp Crucible is coming up at the end of May.  Getting close!  I’m giving a cutting class and my leather family is doing a whole bunch of stuff with the on-goings there this year:  dance parties, we’re a stop on the pub crawl, a large medical scene, little’s camp stuff, chore signup stuff, a few different classes… plus just our general fun and comfort things.  Yay!  Camp apparently now has a Tumblr in addition to its website.

I’m not sure about this shampoo bar I just used from Lush.  I can’t tell if I love or hate the smell it left in my hair.  Tough call.

Anyways, this is being rather random…


1)  Will be in NYC by the end of the week, but will at first be focused on alone-settling-in, then leather-family-settling-in, then other-people-settling-in.

2)  Am speaking with some potential D/s partners.  Nice folks.  Once I get to part C of Point 1 I plan to have some real-life meetings and see what, if any, natural relationships develop.

3)  Camp Crucible is coming up soon.  I will be there.  Delta Sigma will be there.  You should be there.

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