This post is reblogged from It says wonderfully something I’ve myself said since I was a teen and which applied to my life right now. An excellent post.

Two Different Girls

I somehow lucked out and have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years.  My husband and I were not aware of this, until one day we sat down to figure out just how long we had been married.  Even we were shocked.

However, we don’t pat ourselves on our backs, as if somehow this has anything

to do with us.  We’re still together because we enjoy each other’s company and even when we disliked each other (and at times we did), we still loved each other.  Also, we were both committed to this family we had created.  At times, we just dug in and did what was needed to be done to keep our little clan going.

People sometimes assume we’ve “made it”, as if staying married is some sort of prize.  I know people that divorce after having been married far longer than my husband and I…

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