Divorce and Moving Sooner

I found out my divorce finalization date:  My birthday next month.  Yeah…

Negativity about today’s dealings and that over on my social blog.  As he’s not my slave at all anymore and I don’t have anything specific to say about when he was, this stuff doesn’t apply here.

The date means that I will be able to move to NYC maybe a week or so earlier than planned.  So I have more flexibility in when I can start a lease.  I fly out on Apr 1st to stay with Kodak and go alll the hell over for a few days viewing apartments.  We’ll see how the search goes, I’m both looking forward to it and totally not.  I just know I’ll have to visit 3 million crappy places til I find a few that’ll possibly work.

Life and all that.  Lots of moving stuff being done.  yadayada.

2 responses to “Divorce and Moving Sooner

  1. Hello,

    NYPD cop here- would love to escort You around if You wish ma am.

    Twitter: @nyboyseeksflr


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