Future Privacy Take 2

I posted this once, rethought it, deleted it, and am now posting it again.  Bear with me.

I think Chael may be reading this and trying to use things I share in his manipulation and lying games on me.  I cannot be sure, but for my own well-being I will be password-protecting further posts that have things about what’s going on that I think he could use in this.

All other sorts of posts will still be publicly viewable.  After things are safer for me here I will remove the password-protection so everything is back out there.

If you are a friend or family member of mine, send me a message asking for the password.  If you are a reader who wants to keep reading, send me a message asking for the password.

The first will get it right away.

The second will get it if I feel like they aren’t a sock for Chael (he’s not shown any direct intention of such, but given what I’ve learned about him I feel there’s a risk).  This won’t be any huge set of hoops to jump through… if you’ve commented or “liked” on this blog in the past or we are on other sites together or you have an established web history it’s cool and I’ll send it.  I’m just going to be weeding those who look, after a bit of googling, like they might be socks.

Again, please bear with me.  I’m dealing with stuff that has gone totally around the bend into wacky-world.

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