On a More Silly Angle

So, I’ve been talking to a few potential friends/subs online from CM and other places regarding my move to NYC these past few months.

One that I chat with has a couple times sent me YIMs that were very disjointed and bordering on creepy at times.  But when I pointed out how his responses aren’t making sense, that he’s skipping from one thing to another he has straightened up and answered in a normal fashion.  So I just chalked it up to not really paying attention or thoughts jumping around… while still having that “hmmm” thing going where I was putting him down the list mentally a bit.

We’re talking yesterday and he’s doing it again.  Jumping topics in ways that really didn’t make sense, sending comments that were really going over into the creepy-meter area, etc.  He mixed this with being a bit demanding about why haven’t I responded to him… when I’d been responding.

It seemed maybe he just wasn’t receiving my messages correctly, as can happen on such things.  After a bit of this back and forth, he stated that there seemed to be some delay issue with his phone, which he was using to IM.

Okay, fine, that happens… but that doesn’t explain the not-making-sense jumps in responses and the nature of some of them.  But I’m not doing anything other than web-serfing, so what the hell; no skin off my nose and, frankly, I was wondering just what direction all this was going to take next.

So this goes on a little bit (this wasn’t a long conversation at all, just a few lines exchanged due to it’s nature) where he isn’t responding to what I am replying with.  I shrug it off and go on with my piddling around the net.

Then he sends me “ur so hot to me -black hair and ur so kinky”.

I haven’t had black hair in 15 years.  None of my pictures anywhere on the net show me with it.

So, busted.  He either doesn’t know who he’s talking to at all and has been ass-kissing me despite it or he’s talking at the same time with someone else and sent the wrong text to me.

I answer with a “yeaahhhhhh, no black hair here” sort of response.

Instead of backing up and owning it, asking who I am again or explaining that oh, that was for someone else or any such there is just another pause and he then sends me a message totally unrelated to my busting him saying how he’s looking forward to me getting to NYC.

No longer speaking with him.

I don’t expect any potential slave to be talking to just me.  I’m shopping around, I fully expect them to be shopping around.

I don’t expect them to only be texting me at a given time.  I talk to more than one person online via whatever medium, I expect others to, too.

But damn, man, keep your people straight.  And if you don’t and screw up on it, admit it and fix it.  I know I’ve said to people “it’s been a while since we talked, could you link me to your profile again?” so I can figure out who the hell I’m talking to lol.

And since I’m now addressing it, what the heck with the creepy comments?  Were they appropriate to the other person you were speaking to or were they actually directed at me and just uncomfortable in our interaction?

So yeah, that gave me a laugh.

It’s like, really:  dude, just admit you screwed up and ask me who the hell I am.  It will make me laugh.  Ignoring it?  Well yeah, no more chatting with him.

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