Protecting Myself Financially and Stress-Wise

It’s very likely I’ll be divorcing Chael in the next week or so (well, starting the process, it takes 2 months in Texas). He intends at this point to stay with me after the divorce if I’m willing to have him around (which is based on how long my patience holds out or if I see real effort and progress in his therapy).

I’ve found out horrible things this week. It seems he’s literally a pathological liar and has been lying hugely to me since before we got married, from the beginning. It’s not just to me, it’s not just something about our relationship… he lies to everyone all the time, to include himself.

He expresses loving me and wanting to stay with me, but being the one on the receiving end of all this and not being able to trust anything he says it’s down to what I said above how long I keep him.

So yeah, I’m very likely divorcing him now instead of risking doing it later… I want to disengage myself financial and otherwise any obligations I have to him and his life and to secure the money I am entitled to of his retirement payments before he leaves service and it’ll be harder to get that worked out, possible, but a bigger pain in the ass.

This way we can stay together as long as we both wish, but if/when I am done I can just tell him to pack his clothes and get the fuck out with no other issues to deal with really.

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