Sweet Gesture

Chael read my last update and came in here.  Asked me what he could do to ease my stress and offered a rub.  I replied it would just make me cry.

He offered a hot bath and a glass of wine.  I thought about it and said that, yeah, that actually did sound good.  He then asked what kind of wine and I told him Barbera (that we got from RisingStar vineyards a while back).  We then had a short chat about barbera wines.

Currently he’s scrubbing out the tub for me before I use it as I always scrub the tub out before I use it and he’s being sweet by doing it for me (it’s a habit I picked up as a teen and am totally squicked at the thought of sitting in a tub where other people’s shower water residue may be in there with me… so every time I take a bath the tub get’s cleaned first).

Very sweet of him.

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