I’m in the hospital. In a very long ER trip first to Darnall on Fort Hood where they misread my CT scans and then by ambulance to Scott & White as that’s where my bariatric surgery was done. S&W read my stuff right and put me into emergency surgery within an hour.

Had a bowel obstruction in my upper small intestine, just below where’d I’d been modified inside.

But here I am, dozing on and off in this hospital bed with my phone and ice water. Chael went home for the night and will come back around 11-12 tomorrow.

But yeah, S&W has been an excellent hospital to me.

Chael’s brining me a thermos of veggie broth tomorrow as last experience here showed that the vegan meals consist of mashed potatos with butter, beef stew, and jello. Fer Seereis.

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