Been Quiet

It’s been quiet here this week.  We had our Christmas, I’ve been working on fetish video stuff, Chael has been doing his regular Army thing.

Chael fell asleep early tonight so he’s gonna owe me two rubs tomorrow.  Saturday we go visit his mom for a couple hours to exchange Christmas presents… 8 hour round trip to visit for 2 hours.  Sunday we bum around and do nothing, then on the 31st I have a doctor’s appointment in Temple and afterwards we’re driving up to Dallas for a sleep over at the BDSM club up there.

Not sure yet what sort of scene we’re going to do.  Chael, of course, wants a cutting… while I’d prefer needles.  We’ll do a cutting, I know, because it’s easier to set up and do that there.

I might have him beat me, we’ll see.

My tummy really hurts.  Something in the lower left side gives me a sharp/dull achey pain when staying still like right now laying down, and when I move it’s a really strong stabbing.  Hopefully it’s just something I ate and it’ll fade away.

Chael has a co-worker that wants to play D&D with us.  Not sure if it’ll happen as we got rid of all of Chaels version 3.5 books and he doesn’t like version 4.  Which is fine by me, I’m used to 3.5 -though I was looking forward to the easier building/use of things like tieflings… as opposed to 3rd where you basically have to build them within the DMs rules/desires.

I’d like to play again, but we need more players than just me and the co-worker.  I’ve done the two players thing.  No.  Boring.

So, if we do it we have to buy him new books.


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