Sploshing and Christmas Images Samples!

Working through the night tonight to try and get a lot of headway made on the Christmas themed stuff we did today to have it up before, you know, Christmas actually arrives lol.

It was a tiring but good day.

But I *have* gotten the three Foot/Heel + Candy Cane Crushing fetish photosets available for preview and priced on my pro page, so that’s one part down.  Now just to do that video, the sharps video, and the sharps photos (not many photos).

Doing the holiday sharps scene was hard for Chael… we didn’t really do much to him compared to normal but he was really nauseated afterwards for a while and worn down.  He went to shower the blood off and I’m putting my stuff away in the livingroom and he comes out in his towel, damp, and gets my attention:

(me looking down and paying attention to re-packing my sharps bag)

Chael:  (very softly and a little pleading)  Mistress?

(The tone and the word caught me off-guard as both aren’t normal around here in that way.  I look up at him.)

Me:  Yes, honey?

Chael:  Mistress, I humbly request a night off.

Me: (softly and reassuringly) Yes, that’s okay.  You’ve been wonderful today….     ….Was it really hard on you (referring to the sharps scene)?

(Chael nods)

Me:  I thought so, you were flinching and not holding still as well as usual.  Go lay down or something.

Chael:  Yeah, I will.

After he’d snoozed and relaxed for a bit he felt better and went back to his normal self, bumming around the house and ran out to the grocery for some stuff.  -We didn’t need anything pressing, sometimes he just likes to go shopping to go shopping…  at the grocery store.  I could’ve gone with, but was busy with video/pic stuff.

Anyways, back to work.  Here are some sample images from today:





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