Chael’s So Great (Sploshing Prep)

I told Chael last night I wanted to get up no later than 10am to get started on prep for videos.  He said he’d probably be up before that… ha, he wasn’t.

But my alarm went off and I started fiddling around to clear my head.  He got up a few moments later and did the same.

A bit later I’m in here fiddling around with some stuff online and painting my nails (as prep for the shoot) and I hear him being all industrious.  I know we’d discussed and planned moving livingroom furniture around to make a good place to do the vids/pics so I made the guess that he was up to that.

Oh boy yes.  He comes in and is all “I need your input on something”.  I turn around and he has the black cloth we bought to hide his face wrapped around his head and is asking what I think of how it looks.  I like it and give it my approval.

He goes back out and I hear noises.

He comes in and says, “It’s ready for inspection”.  I tell him I’ll be there in a minute when I finish what it is I was doing.

He goes out and more noises.  I glance back out of the bedroom door and he’s putting down a pathway of towels through the house from the splosh/WAM area to the bathtub.

This made me grin like an idiot.  He is so smart and thinks ahead (he’s never done any kind of serious sploshing with me, so he this was purely a common sense move on is part).

He comes back later and is all, “Okay, now it Really ready for inspection”.  I say, “okay” and get up to go see what he’s done.

It is awesome.  He cleared out a corner of the livingroom (moving the massage table and couch and everything), hung the backdrop, set up the tripods, laid the first dropcloth down, and ran that towel path.  It looks great.

I gave him lots of  big kisses and thank-yous.

Now I’m waiting for my nails to finish drying and am going to go start getting things done.

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