Another Video Camera, Lights, Tripod, Et Cetera

Chael just bought me stuff again.  Add on another $500 for the month lol.


We did the first sploshing/WAM video and photos today and ran into some frustrations with the light, draping, angles, etc.  It worked okay, but could have been a lot less hectic and a lot more productive with another camera/tripod angle, better lighting, more backdrop material, etc.


So Chael took me out shopping and bought me those things… then set them up and hung them up and all that for me while I set up the video camera’s menus and repainted my nails (the red is peeling right off and had gone to looking terrible after the earlier work was done).

He also expressed being turned on by doing all the photo work, seeing me all posing and making faces…

….which is surprising and a little odd as I had us do a whole sexy photos thing for us in the past and he really wasn’t much interested/aroused by it.  We wrote it off as something not really his thing…

Then today as I’m uploading images he asks me if we can “get freaky after each of these”.

Doing foot stuff and object/food crushing next.  Taking a short break from standing in heels.

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