I Will If I Want To

So, two potential cutting bottoms backed out today.  No huge deal, but a disappointment.  Two of Chael’s co-workers wanted little things done… one flat chickened out, the other didn’t want to go home for the holidays and have his mom see it.  Ooookay.

Anyway, sitting at dinner with Chael tonight we’re talking about me making new class outlines for the classes I want to start doing again.  Mainly focusing on getting a 201 cutting class made  out of my old notes at this point so I can tell Grant that I’m available to do it in the future or maybe even at Camp.

So we were discussing how to break down those notes and rebuild also 101 and 301 levels.  I’d like to do 301 or 401 involving flesh-removal scarification.

At this point Chael says, “you’ll have to get somebody else for that… cause no”.

Me:  “What?”

Him: (shaking his head) “you’re not doing that, I like being a blank canvas”

Me:  “honey… you’re not a blank canvas”

Him:  “what do you mean?”

Me:  “you’ve got a piercing and a tattoo.  That’s not a ‘blank canvas'”

Him:  (firmly) “yeah, well, I don’t want any scars done on me”

Me:  “excuse me?  If I want to put a scarification on you I’ll put a scarification on you”

Him: (pauses, then in a soft tone) “you’re right, my apologies mistress”

Me:  “it’s okay, I forgive you.  And thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts on it, I do take them into consideration.  At this point I don’t want to anyways… I rather like that I can put stuff on you (referring to our temporary cuttings) wherever right now”

There’s a Very Big Difference between “I’d like you not to” and “You’re not going to”.  As long as he stays on the former setting I don’t kick him in the head.

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