Massage and Cutting

I let Chael have last night off from his double massage night.  He was totally willing, but he was practically falling asleep when he was trying… I was exhausted, too, so I finally said, “Let’s go to bed”.

So, tonight he gave me a full body massage up on the massage table while we listened to Cowboys And Aliens.

He’s cooking another batch of dumplings for me -I’m really not eating that much, he for some bizarre reason keeps making these little 1 to 1.5c batches instead of just making one big pot of them.  Whatever.

I’m in the process of setting up our new printer so I can print out a stencil for a cutting tonight.  Plan is to video it.  Not sure what we’re going to do… Debating free-handing it with a surgical pen instead of doing a stencil.  I prefer to use a stencil, but I hate making stencils.

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