Shopping Spree!

Yes, Rumpus is raking in more and more presents.

God I love it when he buys me things… and this month I am getting so. much. stuff.

And most of it isn’t Christmas presents; it’s just the random spoilings he gives me.


So yesterday we go into HEB for groceries and he takes a hard left with the cart as soon as we’re in the door -he’s going into the flowers section for me!  We look around at different bouquets, wait for some really slow people to get out of the way of some, check them out.  I find one I like best and he puts it in the cart and we go around the store (he pushes the cart).  This is part of a little game we play, usually silently.

He buys flowers for me most of the time when I’m not with him.  But, when I am like this time, I pick what I like, he puts it in the cart, we move on as if it didn’t happen.  We go to the checkout with our items, he pays for them (he doesn’t always pay for groceries, he just always does on these occasions because he’s getting me a present, too) while I keep pretending not to notice he’s getting me flowers.  When the flowers are rung up he then takes them from the cashier and holds them out to me and says, “I bought you flowers!” and I smile big and take them saying something like, “Thank you, sweety!”.  And then I officially know he got me flowers and they are mine.



Chael wakes me up around 11:30 and I feel terrible and am bothered by him but also accepting of the situation… You see, it was my own damn fault for staying up til an ungodly hour last night and he’s just getting me up at an hour he knows I usually like to be out of bed by.  So  I sit up and try to clear my eyes and head.

He’s all, “I got you a present!”.  I blearily look up and see he is pointing to my nightstand.  Chael has put a new straw-having-cup like I like to use there that he bought that morning while out getting his hair cut before he woke me.  So, despite my groggy misery, that was a nice way to start the day.

Then, a bit later, he expresses that we need to run on-post so that he can get his prescriptions refilled today.  We get around and do so.

On entering the PX (the pharmacy is located inside) we walk by the Women’s Clothes section on our right and I make the comment, “Hey, I can now shop in the regular size section of clothes!”.  He replies, “Yep!  Did you want to get anything?”.  I express maybe, but doubtful, and that we should anyways focus on getting his meds picked up before we do anything else.

We do and shop for a couple other items around the store.  As Chael and I are wandering towards the front of the store/cashiers, he asks again if I want to look at clothes.  I comment that I do need to get warm clothing for NYC but that I really can’t afford it right now.

Well guess where that went.

“I’ll pay for it, let’s get you some things.”

What started as a mindset for me at least of “grab a few warm sweaters or something if I can find anything actually not hideous” (because the clothing at the PX tends to be either just plain ugly or both ugly AND intended for 70 year olds) turned into a big “ooo!  That’s pretty! Want!” shopping spree.

I did actually get a warm turtleneck sweater…  and I did honestly need new, better fitting pants as I’ve shrunk out of the ones I had….

But I got way more stuff than I needed and most of it dresses.

For serious, I (Chael) actually bought me multiple dresses.

Totally not looking for functional cold-weather clothing… though I did think ahead a bit and have him also get me some tights and leggings to wear underneath so I don’t get chill breezes up my legs when wearing them.


So yeah, I got a few pairs of black slacks, a few totally cute 70s style dresses, a sweater, a ruffly green tanktop, a deliciously glaring green and blue shrug/jacket thing, tights, leggings, and more touch-device sensitive gloves (Chael saw them and felt I should own more colors).

And you know what?  They are all size 16 and XL.  I’m down now from a max size of tight 26 to comfortable 16.

I love it so much when he buys me things.












On driving out of the parking lot in his truck (him driving), I asked him in a syrupy voice, “Why do you buy me things?”.  “Because I love you.”  “I love you, too.”

A moment goes by and I add, “I love it when you buy me things”.

A moment goes by and he replies, “My money has no higher purpose”.

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