\m/ Sex!

Okay, so no, the vag is still broken and there was no anal, so everything was external… but we still just had a big ole batch of sex in the livingroom (our preferred location).

He watching TV all sprawled out on the floor on a blanket and pillows, wrapped up in another blanket.  I went into the bathroom, peed, and bathed to be all fresh and yummy.

I went into the livingroom and stepped up to about 3 feet from him, looked down and waited for his attention.  He looked up and smiled and we joked a bit with each other and then I said, “Move, come on, get up!…. Put that stuff over there!”.

He got the vibe of where I was going with this and got up on his knees and hugged me around the waist, face between my breasts.  We stayed there and hugged for a while, and then he started kissing my chest and I leaned down and started smooching his shoulders.  Our hands roamed each other.

I stood back a bit and let him kiss and touch up and down my stomach and sides and chest, avoiding my nipples as I twisted and turned to give him access and guide him where I wanted him by body language.  After much of this wonderfulness, I turned around facing away from him and he wrapped his arms around my waist again and hugged, kissing the middle of my back.

Insert lots of hand-wandering, brushing, gripping, smoothing and lots of kisses over my back, hips and bum.

I later turned back to him, took his collar in my hands, and pulled him into passionate kisses with me as I leaned down to him.

This progressed nicely to when he leaned me down semi-rough, semi-gentle onto the couch with him kneeling at my feet.  Through more open-mouth-touches, I asked him, “Who do you serve?”.  He didn’t hear me at first and asked, “What?”.  I repeated.  He stated, “You.  I serve  you”.

We continued to caress each other in many ways… hands with some distance between us… mouths on skin up close…. pressing our bodies full-torso against each other in ways that ground our hips together nicely for me with the feel of his chest against mine.

Lots of wonderfulness and hotness building.

As he kissed and smooched my torso now he focused on and off on my nipples.  I was excited enough by that point to make this cause my stomach pull in that familiar way…

Then we moved on to his giving me oral.  It was delightful.  I laid half-reclining on the couch with his head between my legs squirming and making my personal version of Funny Sex Noises in response to the stimulus.  In my head this all looked very sex and I was loving all the guidance he was taking (I’d been placing his hands where I wanted them more, telling him how hard or soft I wanted touched, etc at various times during all this).  Chael is a very attentive and enthusiastic lover.   Another one of the reasons he’s here to begin with!

I came 4 times, just little ones but very satisfying.  I at that point let him rise back up and kiss me and continue our touches.  He was hard to I guided him about an inch into me and ground on him now and then as we caressed and laughed together and I pulled on his collar now and then.

We returned to oral.  He somewhat sat back and looked at me with a lusty and happy look on his face, running his hands on my thighs gently and we said a little something I can’t recall.  I then nudged him in the side with my right knee and said, “Get back to work!” in a playful bossiness.  And so he did.  This time it was a long build-up to one short orgasm that left me in that very tender, arousal-is-over state afterwards.  He sat back again and I stayed sprawled how I was and just breathed, letting myself come down.  Chael was still running his fingers gently over me and I felt that him doing so along the crevice along where my hood and inner labia are would ease the tenderness, so I directed him to do so.  It did, indeed, help.

Chael and I stayed like this for a while as I enjoyed it.

I then sat forward and ordered him to masturbate.  He asked, “why?”.  I told him that, “You just pleased me, now I want to watch you please yourself”.

So he did and I watched for a good while, but he found himself treading water.  We both sat and were pleasantly quiet for a second or four.

I decided to crawl on top of him and just be close….

…my crawling on top of him got him much more riled again.

This naturally progressed to more kisses, collar pulling, bites, licks, and grinding.  I tried to take him  inside me but found my vaginal pain is still there and it is impossible.

Instead I played a game of teasing him that we both like:  running my hands lightly over him, moving towards his genitals but not touching his penis… dragging my fingertips over his thighs, scrotum, stomach, hip joints, etc repeatedly getting closer to and almost touching him directly… then back to working up again without more than a tiny brush against the side of his cock or some other near-miss feeling.

Anyways, this got me in the mood to give him oral.  As I was back up kissing around his neck and face, I asked him what he wanted.  He answered, as I knew he would at this point, “I want your mouth on me”.

I worked my way down and did similar teasing this time with my mouth… and eventually was brushing the outside of my lips just barely across the tip of his penis.  I pulled back and asked him, “What do you want?”.  “Your mouth on me.”  “Ask for it.” “Please put your mouth on me, mistress.”

I barely put the head in my mouth; just enough to get it wet and rub my tongue against him.

“Ask me again.”

“Please put your mouth on me, mistress.”

I took a little more of him in my mouth.

Repeat and repeat and repeat until I have as much as I can take in.

The Oral Sex proceeds to a joyous conclusion for him.  He takes a breath or two and says, “Thank you, mistress”.

We spend time sprawling together as he goes through those little muscle spasms he does when he’s had a great orgasm and the “afterglow” fades into normal closeness.  He and I clean up and watch the end of Wolverine.

Currently he is working on a new, larger, denser pot of dumplings for me after setting an amaretto sour next to me that has ice-cube X-Wing Fighters and Darth Vader helmets in it.

I’m getting my hands and forearms rubbed in a moment while the dumplings cook.

He suggested that there be “no such thing as 3 rub days” (in reference to how if he misses a day he has to do two the next).  His idea:  “If I’m so bad that I miss three you should get a full body massage”.

I approved.  Like I’m going to argue with that?  Sure, I can have one whenever I feel like saying, “Chael! Full Body!”… but I like his thinking and initiative, by golly.

Anyhoo, time to go continue our lovely night together.

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