Giving Him A Bit Of Time And Its Rewards

I related the tense porn discussion of yesterday.  As I said, he irritated me greatly but I backed off and let him have some thought and feeling time.  From experience, I – despite the deep soul pleasure of pushing I get – know at times I need to handle him gently in getting him to do what I want in the long run.  So I gave him some thought time.


We were prepping for a run on-post to do some errands and we were going in and out of rooms getting ready.  I was sitting on my bed edge doing something or other and he came by to say something… I said, “hey, come here.  Sit down.” and made room for him next to me. He asked, “Why? What?” as he settled himself down.  “I want you to talk to me.  What makes you so uncomfortable about the porn thing and not wanting to tell me?”

He paused a moment to collect his thoughts and softly told me.

It was something very understandable and I gave  him a hug over it and being open with me about it.

As I’d expected, it wasn’t some deep, horrible, porn secret.  He basically views the same sort of stuff as I, roughly.  There is just a certain private fact that makes him a bit uncomfortable talking about some of it.  No big shocker or horror or even a big deal.  Actually, kind of sweet…

But I’m giving no specific details.  This is about something very private to us.

Let’s just sum it up in that I let him know I wanted something, he wasn’t ready to give it so I gave him a bit of time to adjust because I know he wants to be open and please me, and today he gave over what I wanted from him.

Happy ending.

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