Didn’t do an evening post last night because we were both exhausted and went to bed early.

I spent the day yesterday doing online stuff, some just for fun and some for profit.  Dyed my hair and videoed it to sell clips later.  I’m working on building my video collection back up and aiming to get a clips4sale account.  You know, between multiple hard-drive losses with moving over and over and losing everything I had stored on my old server I’m sucking for content.  Not a huge deal but I have to say THANK GOD for free services like Google Drive and DropBox.  I’m now backups all over the damn place of my artwork and videos and personal photos and everything.  Also, spent several hours connected to my NiteFlirt again, but no calls.  Not surprising in that I had to start a new account with them a long while back and haven’t made much use of it… I’ve a few clients who carried over but I’m largely starting up a new customer base.

Chael’s on detail this whole month so he has to do a ton of walking in the morning and then at the end of the workday… he and his minions have to set up and tear down road blocks and direct traffic during PT and for the flag at 5pm.  So that sucks.  It means he has to get home and go right away to the gym with me -on Friday he missed the gym entirely as I have to be there at 5:20 for Zumba and he’s not even home yet by then.

So we went to the gym last night.  Chael did his treadmill walking and I did Zumba.  I don’t know what was up with me but I had to take Zumba really lightly as it was totally kicking my ass…  I was tired, uncoordinated, and had to take it easy on even the songs I’m usually pushing myself hard on.  Total body refusal.  Odd.

We came home, I wanted food that wasn’t in the house but didn’t want to run out for it; I just wanted to shower and then sit and be lazy on the couch.  I was so worn out for no good reason.  So I took my shower and Chael ran out for my food.  He came home, we chatted while we ate, he took a shower, and we sat down to listen to the movie Evolution while Chael massaged my hands.

He started out with us sitting side by side like usual for hands but then started to totally skimp out on it…  put one arm around my shoulders and only using one hand to massage mine.  And doing a poor job at it, I must say.  So I gave him an affronted look and said “two hands”.

He then fiddled with different arrangements and settled on sitting facing me (we were sitting on the floor) with his back to the TV and rubbed my hands well, using both of his the whole time.  He intermixed kisses up the insides of my forearms with the massaging.  It was so sweet.

After that I said something… I don’t recall what… But it led us to doing our Christmas stocking exchange.

I’d over-filled Chael’s with packages of dried fruits (strawberries, kiwis, papaya, plums), wasabi peas, and flavored macadamia nuts (the main surprise of which was a can of Spam flavored ones lol.  I had to do some googling, but google said that the scary “natural flavors” listed were actually plant-based, so).  The Spam flavored ones made him laugh and he had me try one.

It did, indeed, taste like Spam.

I got a whole bunch of things I’ll probably never actually use but that I thought were awesome:  vegan fudge, brownie, and peanut butter cups; a 9′ iphone cord; Star Wars silicone ice cube trays that make Han in Carbonite, X-Wing Fighter, Darth Vader helmet, Millenium Falcon, and R2D2 ice cubes; the obligatory giant candy cane staff; one Laffy Taffy stick; one Pixy Stix stick.

Then we went to bed and I passed out hard.

We each still have presents coming.  He ordered me some BAF earrings and I ordered him 4th edition D&D DM and Monster Manuals plus a single Player’s Handbook, plus a Bag of Holding from ThinkGeek to keep them in.

This morning I got up early and did Grit – Plyometrics and wanted to die.  But this time wasn’t as bad as the first, so, progress.

Pics of my stocking presents:




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