Sweet Whispers

After the back massage last night we stayed laying next to each other for a bit listening to the TV and just being lazy and close.

At one point Chael took hold of my left hand and pulled it toward his collar and tried to make my hand grab it; it took me a moment to understand what he was doing and then I caught on and looped my hand through it like I do sometimes and we both used the moment as the beginning of a lean-in for a kiss. After about 3 kisses Chael said something very quiet that I couldn’t quite hear as it was in the sound range that I can’t hear… I could tell he spoke, but couldn’t hear the sound.  He started kissing me againduring free the next kiss I asked, “what did you say?” And kissed him again.

When our lips next parted he said in a low, husky voice, “I serve you” and went back to the long, sweet kisses.

After a little bit we finished, I let go of his collar, and we both sprawled back out on the floor as we’d been earlier.

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