Pretty Nails!

I sat on the couch and Chael took my toe and nail polish off while we listened to Wrath of Khan on the SyFy channel.  Then I layed down on my belly with a pillow on the blanket Chael put out for me and he rubbed my feet with my Fair Trade Foot Lotion…  He took me to task a little about how I’ve “been neglecting” my feet – translation:  I’ve got to choose them more for daily massages to keep them all nice and smooth by him.

Again, he has no foot thing at all.  It’s just another aspect of pampering me.

Oh, but adorable and I’ve forgotten to mention in the past:  Whenever he massages my feet or hands he kisses them each when he finishes them.  With a non-limb-end area like back or such, we either just end with me telling him thank you or we give each other a small peck as I get up.

Ugly nails before:




Pretty nails after:


I’m wearing the big fluffy, warm bathrobe he got me a few years ago that I wear whenever it’s chilly around the house.

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