Laser and Nail Polish

So, I got up early today and did Grit – Strength class for the first time.  It’s 30 minutes of HIIT.  It was good.

Came home and Chael let me in (our door keys don’t work  right… we’ve had the maintenance people fix it once already and that lasted about a day).  Then he took a nap until it was time for us to go get lasered and grocery shop.

In the meantime, I sat in the livingroom talking with my leather family (Delta Sigma, linked to the right) and drawing with the pad and pencils Chael bought me last night.  I did my first drawing in 2 years today.  It’s HERE.  I had block so bad that I hadn’t even doodled in all that time… I’d been focusing on skin art, instead.

Errands went well and on the way back, with Chael driving his truck, Chael asked if he could trade a rub for polish remover.


Me:  What?  I don’t understand… You want some? What?

Him:  I owe you two rubs today, we didn’t do one yesterday.  I was thinking to trade one for polish remover.

Me:  I… still don’t understand.  What do you mean?

Him:  I mean taking your nail polish off in place of one of the rubs.

Me:  Oh, okay!


He’s got nothing special about hands or feet or polish or anything… it’s just that mine Really look like hell because I’m not getting regular mani/pedi’s lately and I’m too lazy to keep up on it well myself.  So I’m all kinds of chipped and barely-there nail polish right now.  Plus, he’s done it for me in the past and I like how I feel pampered by it so I was totally willing to trade a massage.

We were at Subway before the lasering appointment talking a bit about my weights class this morning and my drawing again.  I told him I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be losing any or much more weight at this rate; I’d been stalled at 190 for about 3 months now.  I expressed that, if that was the case, I wasn’t upset as I felt so much better and felt like I looked good and I was SO happy with my health and movement ability now.  Every time at the gym I feel a bit stronger and healthier, even without more weightloss I’m seeing improvement over time.  So if I don’t lose more, I’m content with staying this size and rocking my workouts.


Chael says, “I think you’re going to lose more weight”.

“Why?” (with a laugh)

“Because you’re totally psychotic about the gym”

(I laugh some more)


He expresses being really proud of my workouts and my drawing again.

He also expresses that he doesn’t like going to the gym.

On asking me on the ride out to lasering if we were going to the gym  tonight I replied that I wasn’t… but that I felt like telling him *he* was.  He grumbled about it and said he’d rather not exercise at the gym.  I asked where he wanted to do it.  He said at home.  I, then, asked what he would do there.  He answered that he’d do weights for a change.  I said that was okay.

As long as he gets a workout in.


We’re about to head out to Hobby Lobby to get me charcoals and other stuff we couldn’t pick up last night.


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