Cutting Done – Warning Blood

We did the cutting, finally.

Chael comes back and enters my room all excited with himself and tells me he bought things for me, “special presents!”.   So I get up and go see what he bought.

He’d bought me two sets of hand-sanitizer bottles and two sets of scissors lol.  And had me immediately put one pair of the scissors in my sharps kit.

We did the cutting and it went really well.  I could tell it hurt him a lot in places, he was catching his breath at times and tensing/wiggling at times to where I would have to pause for a second or be extra careful in my cuts until he stopped moving.  But, he took it like a champ and it was great.

It was a design from my drawing that can be found on my art blog here:  Flesh – Drawing

Below is the final image of it after we’d taken a shower together and I scrubbed the blood off him and it had time to scab up.  If you want to see more photos of it and the process visit here:  Flesh – Cutting Version – Blood Warning


After all that was done, I took my turn on the massage table for Chael could try to massage my quads.  It went so-so.  He was frustrated because he felt like he wasn’t actually doing anything since he could barely put any pressure on me because it hurt me so much; I was frustrated that he kept hurting me so much while being frustrated he couldn’t press harder.

But it was nice anyways, after a bit he relaxed and we both enjoyed him doing a very light massage.  Legs still hurt a ton afterwards, but during was a relief.

Then we parted ways to bum around the house on our own, me coming into my bedroom here to fiddle online.  He comes in a couple times to say “hi” like usual…. Then he comes in and tells me I’ve been terribly neglecting my feet lately and they were getting all dry again.  I look back at him like “wtf?” and see he’s brought the Fair Trade Foot Lotion in and is preparing to put lotion on my feet for me.

I just grinned to myself, kept typing and happily pretended to ignore him while he rubbed the lotion into my feet and then left.

He’s so sweet.

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