Artsy Stuff

I’ve been loading stuff up on my art blog the past week and have been feeling like producing some more.  I’ve been in a slump drawing and painting-wise for a while and focusing solely on the body work.

I expressed an interest in starting again and Chael asked why I didn’t.  I told him I didn’t have supplies, as I was thinking they are luxuries and I shouldn’t spend my money on things I don’t absolutely need right now.

He offered to buy them  for me.  I asked if he was serious and he said yes.


So we went to the gym tonight and I sweated my butt off at Zumba while he did treadmill.  Soggy with sweat we went to the local Walmart on the way home and got some paper and pencils… we’re going to be down by Hobby Lobby tomorrow so we’re going to hit there for charcoals and fixative and such.

Chael, bless his heart, had to go through me trying to pick pencils.  I won’t go into detail, but it’s rather involved and takes a definitely more than normal  length of time.

We’re now back home and I’ve no idea what I want rubbed.

I’m feeling like going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so we’ll have our before-sleep cuddles.

I spent some time online today ordering dried fruits and flavored macadamia nuts for Chael’s Christmas stocking.

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