Totally A Bad Owner

We didn’t go to the gym this morning. Yeah…. After I’d stressed that Chael had to go with me everyday I decided this morning that we would skip today. Reason being I am in a lot of pain.

My own damn fault. This is my first week back at the gym after being sick again for awhile and I should’ve just don’t cardio classes for a couple weeks… But I did BodyPump Thursday when I really shouldn’t have.

Instead of the post-workout pain fading over the past two days it’s gotten worse in my quads. The rest of my body has that normal workout ache when you move around, but my quadriceps are killing me and I need to baby them until they’re happy again. So bad, as in, I repeatedly woke up through the night last night because every time I would move my legs in my sleep I’d get this horrible shooting, sharp pain in my thighs.

This morning it’s where I have a hard time getting up or down, stepping to the side, etc… Anything that engages those muscles.

Today was another BodyPump day and I totally pussied side out because of this.

So I broke my own rule and feel bad about not working out every day AND that.

Chael, of course, is happy about it. When I expressed this morning that we may not go he said he was also having a problem: his body isn’t used to so much treadmill time so his thighs and groin are getting rubbed raw. He didn’t think to use our sports lube that is exactly for preventing that.

Plus, he has stuff he wanted to do today that he wanted more time to leisurely do them (clean the kitchen, do his final schoolwork of homework, quiz, then final exam) in.

So yeah, we ended up not going to the gym. *hangs head*

Changing subject: I can totally smell the stuffed baked potatoes he’s cooking for me… Well, a vegan version of “stuffed”. Delicious.

I’m getting a horrible headache connected to my muscle pain.

I told Chael tonight’s rub will be the front of my thighs but he must be Very Gentle tonight.

He’s watching Father Goose as he tinkers around the kitchen, afterwards I’ll probably put on Victor/Victoria.

He keeps coming in here to sit next to me for a moment or say hi or get a kiss every few minutes. Sweetness.

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