Chael’s Wonderful

Oh my god I feel awful.

After posting earlier I laid down and slept for about 2-3 hours hoping that would be the end of my beginning migraine. I had nightmares, but slept okay.

I was laying awake with my eyes closed when Chael came in and gently said my name to see if I was asleep still. I sat up, feeling a bit better as far as the head went… But I felt flu-like and weak and like I’d been drugged asleep. Just awful.

Chael brought me my lunch and by the time he’d gone to the kitchen and back the migraine was beginning again.

I can sit up and fiddle on my ipad like this, but I have to be careful not to move my face like scrunching or looking up, no turning my head because that causes some nausea to start, and I can’t yell for Chael when I need him because raising my voice makes it feel like someone’s taking an ice-pick to my left eye and eyebrow… Not as a one-sharp-second pain, but as in that plus an intense sharp throb for a while afterwards.

So I’m okay to sit here and be still and useless, basically.

Tylenol isn’t working.

Wait a minute, I just realized I have a medicine here that may help… Left over Lortab from my last surgery. I’m not sure if it’s legal to take something prescribed to you for a different problem, but fuck it, it’s mine.

The lunch Chael made me was delicious.

He’s now running to the grocery to pick up some iced tea for me and other odds and ends we need.

And I’m trying to stay very still.

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