TED Movie

Chael made me popcorn for a treat as he has to make it in a pot on the stove due downsizing of our kitchen (the popcorn popper went months ago).

We watched the movie TED while he massaged my arms and upper back/shoulders.

it had cute bits, we laughed but probably will never it watch it again.  I hated the ending where she agreed to marry a guy who was totally irresponsible and continuously fucked her over with no sign he would change.

It was a nice night. For the rubs Chael and I sat an the floor with me between his legs. After the massages were done we stayed that way and now and then I would lean back against him or he would lean forward to hug me.

Now we’re off to bed. Chael isn’t tired but I am and we have to get up at 8am. Late for him but godawful early for me so I need to sleep. He’s waiting for me to lay down and cuddle, so I’ll end this.

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