Sleeping and Working

Chael got off work early today (as in, released, not just because he felt like it) after doing a detail – police call all morning. The exciting thrills and chills of permanent party active duty: picking up trash from the lawns on post.

He came home and quickly crashed in his room, he’s been asleep for about two hours now. He’s always one to sleep a lot, but it seems it’s been more than usual lately.

Though I do need to remind him that a good part of why he needs night-time sleep meds is probably because he takes a huge nap in the middle of the day… Just maybe

I may have to address that with him in more than the occasional smart-ass comment way.

Tonight is Zumba for me, more treadmill time for him.

I’ve been keeping mental tally on what he’s eating each day as he wants to lose a lot of weight and asked me to. According to science he should be losing some, but in reality he’s not.

I think I may have found the perfect apartment complex for us in NYC. The pictures inside are gorgeous, it’s within our price range, great amenities.

(Time passes)

Tonight Chael is rubbing both my upper arms and my shoulder area as he didn’t do my massage yesterday and is catching up.

He’s already trying to get a day off the gym each week… Very unlikely to happen and I told him so.

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